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He only had that capacity because he was a computer consultant

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He only had that capacity because he was a computer consultant regarding the Y2k computer business. You dont have to be a rocket scientist to see that the “job” and the “money” ends with the new millennium. It is obvious that he has always tried to pay the ex what he could even though he’s now unemployed and himself living in poverty. His former wife is not broke. She’s living quite luxuriously… she stole tens of thousands and hid it in various accounts to which my husband never had access to nor knowledge of. Also last October, the judge took my husbands “final” pay check and gave it to the witch…

Leaving him with no money, all of the bills, and no job. what the heck is that? How does that benefit his 12 year old daughter? She was supposed to visit here during spring break last month but guess what?… no money to pay for it. Are men nothing more than wallets? Is it ok that because of the court system the child cannot spend time with the NCP?

“I” am paying the witch with my own money from a loan I took out, for God’s sake! Today My husband was told by the Friend Of the Court that he had to appear in court on the 19th of May or there would be a bench warrant. He has no means to travel to Michigan from Florida, he has no representation because we dont even have money for food, and they are threatening to put him in jail which they will surely do if he shows up there. What can we do??!! How is he supposed to find work to pay support from jail?

About the bankruptcy.. He can file, the thing is that if he does and the creditors go after his ex wife (and they will) the amount will be added to his Spousal support… and he still will owe what bankruptcy is supposed to eliminate. Sorta defeats the purpose. I guess the fact that ALL of those bills were HERS in the first place is what’s so sickening. There is no justice in the justice system.

Challenging the JUDGE

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I wish my husband (we recently married) had known this before his court date. The judge was prejudiced against him from the beginning and even the attorneys and the mediator said “the judge does not like you.”

There were numerous false accusations and manipulations by his wife, including theft and hiding tens of thousands of dollars for which she never had to account for… He ended up having to give her cash (10k)in the end and he got ALL of the bills from her cash advancing/maxing out several credit cards, and the tax bills over 40k (money she stole from the business account).

His credit is shot. He had a job change just before his divorce was final (2/4/10) (He had a well paying Y2K computer related job which of course ended before this year)He went from 250k a year to 80k a year last December… and the judge knew for over a year that this would be happening.

He made the child support and spousal support based on his prior salary. We have lost a boat, a motor home, and the car is going soon. The judge put in a bankruptcy clause so that is not an option. We are literally living in poverty while the ex is not working and getting 3,500.00 a month in support for herself and daughter.

My two boys go without lunch at school because there is no money. I have had the phone disconnected for non payment, creditors constantly calling. My husband just got laid off and now the “Friend of the court” is taking him to court next month for contempt because we are unemployed and too broke to pay support.

I took out a large loan recently to pay for our food and his child support because my husband now has bad credit. That is almost gone already. How can this be legal??? Is there anything that can be done? The divorce took place in Michigan but we had to move to Florida a year ago to find work that payed enough to support the former wife. He’s already over 10k in arrears. obviously it is impossible to pay the ordered amount even if he were still working to the tune of 80k and with all of the debt.

Legal RAPE is what it is! Not to mention unconstitutional. Does anyone know of anything we can do??? What happened to community property states?