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Re: attacked by spouse’s new lover

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I would suggest that you go to the police and file a report against the boy friend as soon as possible.

How is your face get a picture.

May be you could bring a tape recorder with you next time or a friend with a video camera.

Just my immediate thoughts you have to take all the steps that you can to protect yourself so that you will be able to protect your kids also.

Attacked by spouse’s new lover

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On 4/29/16 I returned my kids to their mother after a 2 day visitation, upon arrival my daughter ran in the house and then immediately back out to me. She informed me her moms new friend was there and she didn’t want me to leave her there while he was there.

I suggested to my ex that I will take daughter for awhile longer, but she loudly yelled at me “your visitation is over”. Her friend heard her and came outside and began verbally threatening me while my 2 kids watched. I told them my daughter didn’t feel safe with him.

Her lover was yelling at me while I told him to stay out of our parental conference and at that he struck me in the face, I immediately grabbed him and threw him to the ground. I left immediately and phoned her, she stated that she called the police and they were going to arrest me for assault against her lover.

I never struck him at all, this lover has been telling my kids what a loser I am and how he is going to be their new DAD and to never mention my name in his presence. I am now afraid to go even near her residence and also concerned of this lover who is out of control!