Protecting father's rights in courts

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Published / by figadmin

I do not know how old your kids are and what you are fighting for. Me, my two girls are 11 and 15. So I only would have to support them another 8 years. However – their ‘little’ psychies’ will be screwed up for life. I am not accepting the blame. I now choose to live MY life WITH or WITHOUT them. right now I say to hell with the LAW because there is none.

I hope that soon and very soon that this whole mess becomes so blatantly screwed up that everyone will be frightened to get married, frightened to fall in love and frightened to do anything. I guess you have to decide – when do you give up —– now I know all of you will say that you won’t. I applaud that especially if the children are under the age 10 as the older they get, the more they have to accept that life isn’t fair. For those of you fathers who have young ones – fight – fight hard NOT FOR YOUR RIGHTS but the CHILD’S RIGHTS.

SCREW ANYONE who stands in that way be they government , father or mother. Fight like hell for the child