Protecting father's rights in courts

Month: June 2017

Father groups are fragmented

Published / by figadmin

My observation is that father groups, including national organizations, are fragmented.

Each is doing its best to be pro-active, but on a political scale, sadly ineffective. That is due to the lack of an efficient and centralized point of intercommunication.

Collaboration and coordination are the keys. The active leaders all must get on the same page, and find common grounds among their agendas.

Do we have the technological means to do so?

Yes. Just look at how this prototypical club functions.

I would like to suggest that members who urge political action against the injustices in the family court system do the following:

  1. instead of ranting, tell us which members they have personally invited to the club;
  2. instead of whining about the outcome of one’s own specific case, formulate or reference a general critique which addresses the underlying problem;
  3. tell us what else you are doing pro-actively, and urge the rest of us to do the same.

Once the membership reaches 1000 here, we will create another club just for the heads of various organizations. Already there are several prominent heads in our club. Let’s recruit some more!

It’s work, fellow dads… and we have to be committed through our actions.