Protecting father's rights in courts

Month: February 2017

Divorced Dads National Association

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I would join in a hearts beat (and I don’t have many of those left). The real ironic thing is that at one time in this great nation of ours.

The father had custody of the children regardless. The feminist movement came in and screwed that up. We men allowed ourselves this to happen. The courts capitalized on a way to neutralize the family and we all have stereotypical ideas of what a women should do and what a man should do. If the children are old enough they can actually sue both parents. They can do it now and they can do it when they are older. People say that we have made divorce to easy. Quite frankly we have made getting married and having babies too easy.

Get rid of ‘custody’ issues and raising kids by the kids stay with one parent six months (too bad what kind of living arrangements they are in). The second six months with the other parent. No money given to the courts, no money given to children and no money given to anyone. If you have a child you are responsible and you must do your best for the child and you must to do for yourself.