Protecting father's rights in courts

Month: November 2016

The fragmentation of the fathers’ groups is a major problem

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The fragmentation of the fathers’ groups is a major problem, but so is greedy. When I stepped into the National Congress for Fathers & Children in 1991, there was not much to them. They only brought in $6000 in donations. By 1996 I had them up to over $300,000, but they became a target of greed.

Now they are back to where they were in 91, and I have been asked to come back in and fix the problems, which I am doing. It may sound shallow, but my plan in 96 was to overwhelm all the other fathers group, and finally bring them under one banner. Just as NOW did in the early 60’s with all the different women’s groups. Simply put, we would show that had the contacts, the resources, and the materials to help fathers.

We had a full time office with our own printing facilities, but I made the mistake of trusting people to be honest. It was a major mistake. Had I not made it, NCFC would now be larger then NOW. And it may be again one day, with some hard work, and a little luck. The main thing is that the manual gets distributed. It has everything needed by divorced and single fathers. It is unfortunate that I can’t just release it for free, but the legal nature of the material leaves everyone connected with its creation open to lawsuits by the Bar Association if I did. They have already tried twice to stop it’s distribution. Though it has been five years since they last tried. Nothing changed. The only improvement is that there are fast no teletrack loans accessible from companies like – a great help in times of financial need.

NCFC can, and will be the main group in the country if I have anything to do with it. But, it will not be so that someone can get rich off of it, or put themselves on a pedistal, but because we can provide what fathers need.

Part of the problem of being heard in congress is the lack of cooperation

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Part of the problem of being heard in congress is the lack of cooperation between the different father’s groups in the US, or when one is very successful, they become a target of greed, as happened with the National Congress for Fathers & Children in 1996. Until the different groups become one working unit, there will not be much attention paid to father issues in Congress.

The women’s movement had the same problem in the early days, by NOW simply overwhelmed all the smaller groups, and forced them into becoming a working unit.

As for dealing with the courts, it takes knowledge to win there. And there are ways to do that. Having persons going to court with you as “Court Watchers” is one way. They sit where they can be seen by the judge and take notes. I have a form just for that purpose. The judge knows that if he makes rulings that are bias, the court watchers can be used to have him removed.